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Feb 29 2005
We have asked Mike Case (owner and manager of Case's Music)
if he would manage our band.
Feb 28 2005
Ok keith has decsided not to stick with us due to personal problems. but we have asked Steve from Smeltzer if he would play for us. we are waiting for him to get back to us.
Febuary 22 2005
we finally did it. we found a trumpet player. his name is Ryan Vanscoy. he's been playing trumpet for almost forever. he'll have a bio up soon. we are really looking forward to playing with him. 
Febuary 21 2005
We finally have some crappy demos that you can listen to on the music page. these songs where recorded by nathan. these are really bad but, until we really get our band together this is all we have. this isn't what we sound like at'all. we are a ska band but this what we've got right now
Febuary 8 2005
This is the site for the band, Break the Violence. We just started up and we could use your help. Go to the contact page and comment on us.
see ya