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Johnny Mignacca


This is the biography for Johnny Mignacca, written by Johnny Mignacca. Johnny 
recently played for a band called "Second Guess" which have broken up as of Monday January 7th 2005 at approximately 4:30ish. Johnny Mignacca plays drums and has been playing for about 4 years. When Johnny was just a little boy, his friend Garrett Masters decided that he would play drums, so little boy Johnny decided to steal drums from Garrett after playing guitar for a couple months. Johnny doesn't regret hurting Garrett's feeling, but Garrett doesn't regret beating the shit out of him. After Garrett had beat him, Johnny worked out for 40 days straight untill he started  to form anal crust from the anal seepage he had earlier. After the anal crust had gotten so thick, Johnny went to Garretts house while he was sleeping and put anal crust in Garrett's sandwich for his lunch the next day. Untill this day Garrett still doesn't know about this. Just kidding that didn't happen..... or did it? As you realize we are just seeing how long dumb people will stay on our website, so we are telling stories. On to our next story, this one is called "The Great Green Grob of Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts." This story is about......... Wait isn't this Johnny's biography? It is! Back to Johnny, he goes to st. mark school and will soon go to st. mary's. Well thats about it for Johnny! Note: If you have read this whole biography you should become a person that reads alot. If you havn't read this whole thing, than you wouldn't be reading this and your very smart!