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Johnny Mignacca

Shout Outs

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I guess since everyone has this part of a site i should have it to.... SHOUT OUTS!!!

Garrett Masters- You are the funniest guy ever when you are drunk, thats all i must say! A day in the life of Johnny and Garrett, laughing at boobie for 15 minutes, running around a table for 15 minutes, eating popcorn every weekend!
Jayme Lorenzo- We have the funniest memories EVER, It's not my fault i have a heavy flow and a wide set vagina, haha best times ever!
Mike Maniacco- Hahah, remember that time when we stayed up for like a whole hour re-writing song lyrics (about marty) and fitting them into songs. And after the party you got hamish and marty! haha best times...
Brett Thompson- We dont have many memories outside of school, exept that one time in grade one when we made that zoo out of blocks, it was fucken crazy! i still got some of the animals in my closet.... im thinking about selling them on e-bay,.... it was fun
Jessie Kennedy- We went out twice and i fucked up both times... we hav some good memories from summer of 2004... such as stooooouuuuupid, and fruity pebble.... it was fun while it lasted
Nathan Bouliane-Your an asshole at times and at other times you can be alright... thats all
Justin Nadjiwon- I've only known you for a while, but it has bin fun.... bes memories ever when we sat in the garage and garrett did the storting till he gagged HAH fucken hilarious!!!
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