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Dear Anne Landers,
 Hello. I have a major problem. I am amdly in love with a woman that i am forbidden to see. Me and her are looking for some sort of plan or excuse, to both leave the city together, and live peacfully. So Anne if you could write back, maybe you would have some suggestions. Thank you so much.
Dear M-d-ly-Love,
 I have been thinking about your letter for the past week, and i have come up with a fool proof plan. I will send a potion in the mail, to your house. If one of you take this potion, you will appear dead for twenty-four hours. U shall take this potion before bed, and the next day at the persons "funeral", you can go get the other, and run away together. Its perfect. But I must leave now, I have to go have coffee with George Lucas.
        Good Luck,
        Anne Landers

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