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Eggo Box
The eggo box is meaningful to me because i love my eggos. This box also resembles my love for all food. Le'go my eggo! But heres the question you must ask yourself, "how much do I love my eggos".
Fishing Lure
The fishing lure is very important to me because i love fishing. Me and my brother used to go fishing in the summer together, didn't catch a thing. He caught something, but not me. But here's the real question, how much do you love your eggo's?
The cd is important to me because i live by the motto "Live with music, or don't live at all". This cd in my eyes resembles all the great bands such as Silverstein, Thrice, The Used, Finch, and many many more.
Pop Bottle
The pop bottle resembles my love for pop. If i didn't have pop i couldn't live (only because you can't drink music). The question you may be asking in your head is "why does this kid like pepsi?", but i prefer coke. The only reason it's a pepsi bottle is because that was the only kind in the recycling bin.
Bike Peddle
The bike peddle resembles biking. I love biking, i bike everywhere. Actually not really everywhere, only to the store and my friends houses.
Peanut Jar
The peanut jar resembles my love for peanut products. I love peanuts more than erin loves cheese! Actually I love cheese more than peanuts, but i couldn't put a brick of cheese on the windchime because it would start to smell funny.
Broken Drumstick
Finally the broken drumstick, my first broken drumstick. This is the most important thing on my windchime because i love drums more than anything. My first broken drumstick happened sometime in grade 5 i think, but farewell i must go sit down now.